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Service Fees

Description of Costs

Residential Security DepositIf required, $500 for locations with less than 12 months of consumption history, or two times the highest monthly bill for locations with at least 12 months of consumption history. 

Service Fee to Connect New Account:  $25

Reconnect Fee for Existing Account: $25

Reconnect Fee for Non-Payment: $50

Transfer Fee:  $10 (fee to transfer existing service from one name to another).

Collection Fee:  $25

Penalty Fee:  1.5% (applied 25 days after date of bill on any outstanding balance).

Disconnect Notice Fee:  $5

Return Check or Draft Fee:  $25  

*If your check is returned for any reason, we will electronically debit your account for the amount of the check plus a processing fee of $25.

Security Light Relocation Fee:  At cost.

Meter Test Fee:  $75 (Charge will be refunded if meters margin or error is greater than 2% for a mechanical meter; or 0.5% for a solid state meter).

Meter Tampering Fee:  $250 (First Offense) / $500 (Second Offense)


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